55+ Ministry

“Let Everything that Hath Breath, Praise the Lord”

Psalm 150:6

We offer many opportunities for anyone 55 and older who are working, retired, able, disabled, married or single. Our goal is to ensure that no one is lost or forgotten, even if they are confined to their home or in one of the great assisted living facilities in our area. We strive to keep our senior adults remaining active in life and the Word of God.
We hope that your spiritual and personal life will be strengthened and encouraged with every activity and ministry we do.

Components of 55+ ministry

We encourage all of our 55+ to continue learning more about God so that they can share to younger generations. One of the best ways of doing this is through D-Groups. Through these disciple groups, you can learn from and minister to other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ
Another great way to continue building a legacy is through LIFE Groups. You will develop relationships and learn more through the study of God’s word through our talented teachers every Sunday at 9:00 am and at our additional classes during the week.

The Boomer Generation:
Those born from 1946-1964 is the largest generation in history and has had a monumental impact on our country, and we feel that the journey’s just begun! We offer many different opportunities for Boomers to fellowship and build relationships while remaining active and on the go. We have special events yearly just for this great generation because you are indeed one of a kind!
Ministry Opportunities:
Our 55+ group isn’t one to sit back. When a need arises, the Fairview 55+ step up and get it done.  Whether it is helping when a disaster strikes, supporting a family in need or giving faithfully to the food pantries, the senior adults at Fairview are ready and willing. We are blessed to have many members that do their ministry out in the community. A few of the ministries opportunities at the church are, visiting the homebound weekly, delivering meals to members that can’t go out of their home, and many more.

When the bus is moving our 55+ group is going! We have been on many trips that last 1 to 7 days. We have been on cruises up to Alaska and New England, trips to the Ark, St. Simons GA, Branson, Orange Beach, Vermont and many more. If overnight trips do not work for you, we take day trips periodically. We have been on tours of Paccar, Mercedes, Steel Dynamics, Airbus, Columbus Brick, The Civil War museum, Tiffin Motorhomes, Golden Flake, Nissan and many more.

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